The aim of our Company is to give You the experience of the world of Swedish Bakes with influence of the Caribbean flavours and ingredients.

With a background and growing up in Sweden, with a Confectionery Grandfather, baking and making life sweeter has always being part of our life.

We, the CaribSwede Family,  want to share our world of Swedish Sweets & Bakery and introduce our interpretation by adding spice and flavours from the Caribbean.

And of course all our production is Vegan

We proud ourselves that all our products are handmade and the experience of Quality and taste sensation is our main priority.

In 2010, the CaribSwede seed was planted, when we, Anna & Oliver met in London, Greenwich.

We have always been business minded and looked and explored different avenues that could potentially be Good Business. So when we met we not just fell in love it was also two minds think alike…

But our backgrounds could not be more different, with one from the North (Sweden, Anna) and Oliver with his Caribbean background, but not only that;

Anna’s career started with Baking & Food, Design, Tailoring and later on Surgical & Medical HealthCare in Sweden and later in London UK. With the combination of knowledge within the Health, Medical & Surgical sector with Food & Design, the CaribSwede Bakery Concept became not only a Fusion of Food but also a Fusion of Knowledge, Creation & Inspiration

Oliver started his career within the Engineering sector and have always worked with technical tasks and challenges both for others and as an entrepreneur. In 2004 life changing decisions and Oliver pursued his dream as a Business Finance Consultant and was trained by an American Company. The concept of The Bakery on the Go, emerged after the combination of business knowledge and market research of what's needed and future sustainability.


As we are a Family Company with a Fusion of Knowledge, Ideas, Food, Inspiration, Creativeness from different parts of the World, when our son Noah was born in 2012, CaribSwede was also born and during the years up on till now it has grown into its concept with our major inspirations source NOAH – our CaribSwede.

CaribSwede Vegan Bakery Company stands for Quality, Creativeness, Sustainability, Fusion, Friendly Food, Inclusiveness and Accessibility


So, CaribSwede Vegan Bakery Company, started it's journey when our son Noah (CaribSwede) was born and as a Swede (Anna) living in the Uk, it became important to give Noah the flavours of Sweden. My childhood was very focused around cooking and baking since my Grandfather was a known Confectioner and Baker in South of Sweden. And as a Carib (Oliver), the flavours and spices of the Caribbean was an important fusion to add for the creation and description of us as a family and later as a Business and Bakery. This was our way of giving Noah part of our childhood and background and creating our unique Family Food Fusion.

As our Food Fusion means inclusiveness, the Vegan Way made the Fusion complete for all…

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